You better beleaf it:
we’re here, making salad great again!

What’s Unbeleafable?

We serve up a range of fantastically fresh, ludicrously long-lasting, and fabulously flavoursome salad leaves.

Grown at Pepperness, our state-of-the-art indoor farm in Kent, our bagged salad leaves bring joy to plates and fridges across the UK.

What makes us different?

We cultivate the perfect indoor environment for our leaves, providing them with the ideal mix of water, light, and nutrients. Thanks to our pesticide-free approach, our longer lasting leaves don’t need washing. Enjoy crisp, fresh leaves straight from the bag!

No leaf left behind

Our leaves are grown in controlled conditions, allowing us to grow all year round, providing you with local food that has travelled fewer miles (even in the winter). That’s one of the ways we guarantee our leaves are fresher than all the rest.

​Lettuce lovers unite


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of our lovely customers and find out their favourite things about Unbeleafable.

“FINALLY – salad leaves that don’t go soggy as soon as you buy them! These leaves are amazing – they stay fresh and bouncy for well over a week and edible for over 2 weeks!”
Tesco Customer

“I bought two on offer and they lasted over a week. Really like not having to wash it before use and the leaves were really crunchy. Would recommend!”

Tesco Customer

“Best shop bought salad ever had! Amazing, fantastic – unbeleafable! Mine had 10 day date on it too!”

Tesco Customer