We’re all about salad that’s tastier, longer-lasting, and grown sustainably. Eat well, feel great, and make a positive impact with every bite!

Raised in perfect conditions, picked at their freshest, and packed with care at our indoor vertical farm — our leaves that longer, grown without any pesticides, ensuring you can have meals all week without worrying about freshness.

Behind our bangin’ bags of leaves are some principles we live by. They help us grow the best salad and do the right thing.

These are our leafy values:

Unbeleafably good

We live to make superb salad easy for everyone to eat. We dish out goodness with every bag and we’re always looking for ways to improve what we do. We’re aiming to do good while we make you feel good — as a certified B Corp, we’re committed to doing business honestly and fairly.

​ Unbeleafably fresh

Our outlook is as fresh as our leaves. We’re spinning the salad, championing better, more sustainable ways of growing. We keep the ideas flowing to find ways to make the future as bright as possible.

Unbeleafably tasty

Lettuce excite and inspire you with leaves so luscious, they’re the only choice. Whether you’re a lettuce-lover or a salad-swerver, we want to serve you up a delicious plate of tasty leaves. If it doesn’t taste great, it ain’t Unbeleafable.

Unbeleafably honest

We’ll let you peek behind the curtains — we’ve got nothing to hide. We’ll always be open about who we are, what we do, how we grow, and everything else. In part, it’s because we’re a B Corp, but it’s mostly because it’s the right thing to do.