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What's Unbeleafable?

We grow tasty, longer-lasting salad leaves that stay fresher for longer. Everything is grown in the UK and our bagged salad has serious staying power.

Why do your leaves last longer?

The way we grow our salad gives it stamina for two reasons:
1. Our leaves grow in clean, climate-controlled conditions with no nasties involved. Unlike traditional salad, ours doesn’t need to be washed in chlorine (yuck!). Our leaves stay dry till they reach you, which keeps them fresher for longer. An added bonus: they’re crispier too!
2. We grow in our climate-controlled (100% renewable-powered) farm in Kent 365 days a year. Local leaves = fewer food miles. They get to you more quickly, so they’re fresher when you get your hands on them.

Do you use any pesticides?

Nope, no nasties here. We grow our leaves in our vertical farm in a clean, controlled environment, so there’s no need for anything else.

Do I have to wash the leaves?

No need. They’re grown in a clean environment so there’s nothing to wash off. Save yourself a bit of time and enjoy our leaves straight from the bag.

What kind of salad do you make?

We’ve got three different leaf mixes at the mo:
Crisp green leaves (green crispy and frilly lettuce)
Mixed baby leaves (green and red baby lettuce)
Rocket and baby leaves (peppery rocket, green crispy and frilly lettuce, and red lettuce leaves)

Where are the leaves grown?

All our Unbeleafable leaves are grown in our vertical farm, Pepperness, in Kent, UK. 100% UK-grown, local lettuce.

Where can I buy Unbeleafable?

Get your mitts on our superb salad at selected Tesco stores. Use our handy store locator to find your nearest place to buy.

Why do you use plastic bags if you’re all about sustainability?

We use 30 PP plastic for our bags which is recyclable in store. It’s one of the thinnest and most efficient plastics out there, helping us keep food waste low by locking in freshness.

We’re committed to making the future more sustainable. While we know plastic has a bad rep, this option is the best for us as the leaves last longer and we can then tackle food waste.

We’ve designed our packaging to make sure we only use what we need to get the job done. Our bags keep your leaves safe, crisp, and delicious on their journey to your fridge (which means less waste). Plus, you can see what’s inside when you’re deciding which salad you fancy.

How do I recycle my empty salad bag?

Take your bag along to your local supermarket and pop it in the plastic bag recycling (where you would recycle your shopping bags). Make sure you’ve left the bag empty.

Do you employ seasonal labour?

Our farm runs all year round so we have no seasons! We keep our farm at the perfect growing temperature 365 days a year. All our people have permanent work and we’re an accredited Living Wage Employer.

How do I store Unbeleafable Salad?

Our leaves last longer naturally, however, here are a few tips and tricks to get even more longevity out of your Unbeleafable leaves in your fridge.

Store in the fridge between +1°C and +5°C.

Once opened, roll down the open end and replace in the fridge.

For optimum freshness avoid having Unbeleafable Salad pushed up against other produce in the fridge or pushed up against the sides or back of the fridge since this will cause condensation.

Following these steps will allow for fresher salad for even LONGER!

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