You better beleaf we’re saying
goodbye to soggy salad!

Here at Unbeleafable, we’re on a mission to rid your veg drawer of soggy salad and embrace the brilliance of British-grown, vertically-farmed leaves.


From our farm in Kent to your plate.
Grab a fork and dig in!

Unearth our leaves!

zesty baby leaves

rocket & baby leaves

mixed baby leaves

Kate Hofman, Founder

Salad with stamina means more possibilities!

Unbeleafable recipes that make the most of your leaves, throughout the week!

Minty Lamb

Feta Salad

Growing salad with stamina!

At Unbeleafable, we grow food a little differently. Our vertical farm runs 365 days a year and our leaves are grown using 100% renewable energy.

We grow in
vertical farms

Grown in the UK,
all year round

Our leaves are
grown using 100% renewable energy