Introducing Unbeleafable – the new range of salads that stay fresher for longer, as 98% of consumers admit to throwing away bagged salad

  • Unbeleafable® launches in selected Tesco stores on 26 July with a range of three bagged salads
  • Unbeleafable is the first-ever range of ready-to-eat salads grown by a vertical farm in the UK that is available to buy through a major supermarket chain
  • Unbeleafable stays fresher for longer than any other ready-to-eat bagged salad in the UK
  • The salad is grown in a vertical farm which creates the perfect growing conditions for plants
  • Crops are grown without pesticides, don’t need to be washed in chlorine, and the process will use 94% less water than conventional farming to produce a bag of ready-to-eat salad

A new salad brand, Unbeleafable, will be available to buy in selected Tesco stores from 26 July. The brand can help people cut down on food waste linked to bagged salads, as it stays fresher for longer than any other ready-to-eat salad in the UK.

New research* has found that 98% of consumers say they throw away bagged salad.

Unbeleafable, which stays fresher and crisper for longer than any other ready-to-eat salad, is grown by GrowUp Farms, a B Corp, in its vertical farm, Pepperness, in Kent.

A vertical farm creates the perfect growing conditions for plants. Unbeleafable salad leaves are grown at Pepperness without pesticides, and don’t need to be washed in chlorine to make them ready-to-eat. The UK relies on importing 67% of the salads we eat, and Unbeleafable leaves are grown in the UK all year round, making the UK food system more resilient.

They will be grown using 94% less water than bagged salads produced from a field or greenhouse. The salad does not need to be grown with pesticides or washed in chlorine, so the leaves are tastier and stay fresher for longer than other ready-to-eat bagged salads sold in UK supermarkets. Unbeleafable salad stays fresher for longer, so it’s less likely to be thrown away. It’s better for the environment and better value for shoppers.

Kate Hofman, Founder of GrowUp Farms, says: “At GrowUp Farms we’ve been growing unbelievably good leaves for over a decade. When people taste our salad, they tell us they didn’t know lettuce could taste this good or last all week! That’s not a surprise when our research shows that 98% of shoppers said they throw away bagged salad. What a waste!”

“Unsurprisingly, the majority of shoppers (61%) say the thing that bothers them most about bagged salad is that the leaves don’t last long enough. This is why we are so excited about the launch of our Unbeleafable salads – they’re crisp and delicious to start with, and they stay fresher in y’fridge!”

GrowUp Farms is also helping UK food and farming to become more resilient and self-sufficient.

“The UK relies on importing 67% of the salad we eat each year and more than 90% in the winter,” says Hofman.


“We create the perfect growing conditions for our leaves – for salads that’s like a Mediterranean spring day every day. We’re growing year-round in Kent and on a vertical farm where that all happens indoors, in a controlled environment. We’re not dependent on unpredictable weather, and we don’t have to use pesticides or chlorine washing, both of which compromise the quality of salad leaves.”

GrowUp Farms also combines its innovative farming technology with renewable energy – using electricity and waste heat from the bioenergy plant next door. This is cheaper and more efficient than being connected to the grid, and the farm is not affected by the labour shortages and gas prices squeezing greenhouse and conventional farmers in the UK.

“All great farming uses innovation and technology – vertical farming is one type of sustainable production that will help make the UK more self-sufficient and build a resilient food and farming system” continues Hofman.


“With Unbeleafable, we’re doing something brilliantly innovative and making it mainstream. Businesses like ours are needed more than ever to deliver food security and create sustainable supply chains.”

Alex Edwards, Category Buying Manager – Horticulture and Prepared Produce for Tesco said: “We are committed to giving our customers the greatest choice of fresh produce, at affordable prices.  We know that bagged salads are incredibly popular, not only in the summer months but all year round. So, we are very excited to be offering Tesco shoppers Unbeleafable, an innovative new range of branded bagged salads that stay fresher for longer and are grown sustainably, which is something we know our customers are increasingly passionate about.”

Unbeleafable salad also doesn’t cost the earth, retailing at £1.50 for a 90g bag.

There are three salads in the Unbeleafable range at Tesco. These are:

crisp green leaves – a mild salad containing a mix of green baby lettuce and frilly green baby lettuce (RRP £1.50)


mixed baby leaves – a mild salad containing a mix of green baby lettuce and red baby lettuce (RRP £1.50)


rocket & baby Leaves – a stronger flavour, containing a mix of green baby lettuce, red baby lettuce and rocket (RRP £1. 50)

The research undertaken by GrowUp Farms also found that:

66% of people have bought bagged salad in the past year


38% of people buy bagged salad because it is convenient


45% of people say they are frustrated that they have to throw bagged salad away

*Survey conducted by Attest into shopping habits and consumer attitudes on 12 July 2023 with 1,000 respondents