Here at Unbeleafable, we’re on a mission to rid your veg drawer of soggy salad and embrace the brilliance of British-grown, vertically-farmed leaves.   


New to our vertical farming revolution? Here’s why we think YOU should grab a bag and dig in: 


1. No pesticides… 

All of our salad is grown indoors in vertically stacked layers. Come rain, shine, or whatever the great British climate throws at us, our leaves enjoy the perfect growing conditions all year round, and all using 100% renewable energy. 

And because it’s grown indoors, our salad is completely pesticide-free – better for the environment, native-bug life, and ultimately our health. Win, win, win! 

2. No wilt guilt… 

As well as being free from pesticides, our clean, green leaves are never washed in chlorine or other chemicals.  They go straight from being picked to packed to being piled on your plate, with no need to wash at home either. You can dig straight into the bag. 

They’ll stay fresh in your fridge for a whole week (if you don’t devour them first), meaning no more soggy salad at the back of the veg drawer going to waste! 

3. No air or sea miles… 

Our leaves are grown right here on British soil, in our vertical farm in Pepperness, Kent – the Garden of England. Or perhaps the Vertical Farm of England, in our case! 

They never board a boat or plane to reach your fridge, meaning they’re with you faster, fresher, and in a more planet-friendly manner.  


So, there you have it. No Pesticides. No wasted leaves. And no excessive food miles.  

Just greater-tasting, lesser-wasting, salad with SERIOUS stamina. Better for the planet and your pocket.  

Our brilliant bagged salads are available at Tesco as mixed baby leaves, crisp green leaves, and rocket & baby leaves. Find your closest Unbeleafable-stocking store here and help us continue to raise the (salad) bar.  

Viva la vertical revolution!